Shopping in Flowood/Reservoir​ Shopping in this area is fabulous.  Many wonderful stores are in a short distance from one another.

Basically you do not need to leave the area to find most anything you desire.  Enjoyable restaurants are mixed within the area of the shopping.

Housing in Flowood/Reservoir - ​​Majority of the residents in the Flowood/Reservoir area live in single family homes.  

Apartments are allowed to be built in the area.

Flowood/Reservoir Environment -  ​The environment in Flowood/Reservoir area is upscaled and friendly.  It is easy to get around the city and to travel to other metro areas.  Traveling around the city is by car (not train or bus). 

​​Schools in Flowood -  Flowood MS and Reservoir area schools are some of the most sought-after schools in our metro area.

History of Flowood - In 1951, in the middle of a sleepy, flood plain, along the banks of the Pearl River, gathered a handful of people who talked of starting their own town. With little time behind them, they were granted a Charter in 1953 to incorporate the small town of Flowood, Mississippi. Fighting the elements of nature, they hung on. In 1962 came the big flood that instigated the levee system to be built along the Pearl River in Rankin County. Mayor Chastain Flynt, the Board of Aldermen and the City Engineer, with a great vision and influential assistance, stabilized Flowood as a prosperous town. Businesses began to locate. Homes, schools and roads were built that would open access to the town. In 1969 the town annexed state Highway 25 (Lakeland Drive) into the towns limits as well as Highway 475 (Airport Road). In 1976 the town annexed again adding more land into its limits. Many prosperous things began to happen for the Town of Flowood. But as fate would have it, nature again intervined. In the spring of 1979, on Easter Sunday morning, the worst flooding disaster on record, encompassed all of Flowood. The levees held but the heavy rains left extensive damage.Mostly human spirit and faith took over. The towns leaders and supporting citizens found a determination to build a better and stronger town. They implemented new zoning and planning ideas. In 1988 a comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance was adopted. A new town was taking shape. The Police and Fire departments grew and were top-rated. In 1985 and 1987 Flowood annexed again defining an extended accommodation that would begin drawing more commercial and residential populations. New subdivisions developed. Flowood again continued to flourish. In 1989, Flowood's first and long-time mayor, Chastain Flynt retired after serving in office for over thirty-six years. As he stepped down, the towns Chief of Police, Gary Rhoads, was elected mayor, as was a fresh slate of Aldermen. With enthusiasm and open vision, the new leaders continued to direct Flowood toward its booming future. The years since 1989 have been phenominal for Flowood. In 1990, The Town of Flowood made a necessary change and became The City of Flowood, Mississippi. Upon that decision, many more great things began to happen. Not only has Flowood become a very elite City in its design, it also prides itself as being one of the most unique and accommodating Citys available. Its corporate developments offer a prestigious tax base for Flowood. The City works hard to attract facilities to assist the total need of a thriving population. Its safety, beauty and education are high priorities for the governing body. As Flowood continues to grow, under watchful eyes, we will see the unveiling of a hand-crafted city that invites a prideful population to make it their own. Flowood offers something for everyone and everything for most. With a history and record of progress that Flowood has created, along with all of the successful untold stories, we will continue to watch a City of excellence emerge. Flowood is not like any other City. It is a masterpiece in the making.

                                        ​Flowood, MS                                                Ross Barnett Reservoir Area   

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Recreation in Flowood/Reservoir area -  Flowood/Reservoir ​has all the youth activities of most cities in the South

The Main Attraction is the Ross Barnett Reservoir that provides boating, fishing, skiing activities.​

Subdivisions in Flowood/Reservoir - The following are a few of the many areas in Flowood/Reservoir area:

Castlewoods has a golf course inside the subdivision and Palisades is on the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

Economy in Flowood/Reservoir  ​There are many upscale subdivisions, good schools, restaurants, and great shopping.

Quality of Life in Flowood/Reservoir -  ​The quality of life in the Flowood/Reservoir is extremely desirable.  It is considered one of the best areas to live in Mississippi. The commute is easy for all areas in the Metro, the schools are sought after, and the people are friendly.